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Cozy Little Ann Info

I’m a pool player, serial crafter, business owner, and a very silly person.  I embrace a Hygge lifestyle… most of the time.  I try to, at least.  I have a chaotic life and I am putting the brakes on the chaos. 

My Simple Cozy Life (My Hygge) is an extension of the Just Merde family.  And I am living it.  Or, really, just trying to. My motto covers my "business-life" as well as my personal one.

“Be Simple. Be Cozy. Be Life.”

What does that even mean? It means, life is too short. Let’s make it worth it.  Slow down, de-stress.  You can live a great life without diving out of an airplane. Make it simple and cozy.  Jump if you wish, but the days you aren’t being superman/woman can be just as rewarding while being simple. 


After raising 3 beautiful daughters, aka "monkeys", I began taking care of my elderly father.  When that became too hard to do safely, I found help through some loving and caring facilities.  Now it's time to take care of myself. This site is an extension of caring for me.  I hope you join me on my journey.

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